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Our tranquil Lifestyle Center has 6 private rooms: 1 King room, 3 Queen rooms and 2 with two twin-sized beds, each room with AC, ceiling fan, clothes storage and its own private bathroom. The 4 upstairs rooms each have access to a private balcony overlooking the garden as well as the large verandah overlooking the pool and garden.

There is also a large living room where guests can relax, talk or watch cable TV, a kitchen and a dining area. The 2 downstairs rooms have a patio and private access from the exterior of the building. There are approximately 6 parking spaces including 2 undercover. There is WiFi throughout the premises and a fabulous large pool.

Rooms may be booked individually, the upstairs area (4 rooms, kitchen, living, dining) or the whole house (i.e. 6 rooms and other areas) or as part of one of our Programs.

Health Services

How We Can Help

We have a team of dedicated staff who will help you develop a specific lifestyle plan for your individual situation. Our Health Guests will undergo a Health Assessment upon arrival. An individualized program will be established and your counselor will encourage, teach, and act as your personal therapist while helping to implement the overall lifestyle modification necessary to achieve our end goal. 

We employ natural therapies such as hydrotherapy, Swedish massage, body wraps (charcoal and clay), herbs, and spiritual counseling, to facilitate your healing process. Our methods of healing focuses on the mind, body and spirit of each individual.

For Memorable Occasions

  • Wedding Receptions
  • Vacation Stays
  • Marriage Retreats

Our Programs (Rest and Relaxation)


your accommodation (twice-weekly room cleaning)

drinking water

herbal teas

restful, colorful garden

hot water

pool, WiFi

vegan/vegetarian cooking demonstration

vegan/vegetarian meals (8am breakfast/2pm dinner)

weekly laundry

peaceful, therapeutic and very relaxing atmosphere

copy of ‘The Ministry of Healing’ by Ellen White.

Optional Extras:

health/spa treatments


morning and evening devotional

Nature's Bliss

For Health Conditions such as:

  • cancer (stage 1 only)
  • mild heart condition
  • obesity/weight management
  • depression
  • arthritis
  • allergy
  • diabetes
  • lupus
  • asthma
  • hypertension
  • stress & anxiety
  • and many more…

Inclusions: as for Rest & Relaxation Program plus treatments/therapies based on your health concern (see below); fruit and vegetable juices; detoxification program and health lectures.

Health Programs


For thousands of years hydrotherapy has been recognized for its therapeutic properties. There are thriving health spas and health facilities world-wide offering all types of water cures. The use of water as a remedy is not only one of the oldest, but also the least expensive and safest method of treating many common ailments.

Types of Hydrotherapy we employ:

  • Hot and Cold Contrast Foot Bath
  • Hot and Cold Contrast Shower
  • Neutral Bath
  • Fever Bath
  • Steam Tent
  • Ice Compress
  • Heat Compress

Nature's Bliss

Other Health Treatments

Charcoal Wrap

European Clay Wrap

Castor Oil Pack

Vegan/Vegetarian Food Program

Other Offerings

Health Consultation

Herbal Treatments


Exercise Programs

Lifestyle Recommendations

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